Make & Do

If you attended summer camp, you probably learned a new arts and craft skill each year. This is my favorite part of summer. The spirit of the season screams wild abandonment and freedom, which means our walls are down for new learning. We can step outside our comfort zones without self-judgement to get creative. This is a great time to try a new project, learn a new skill, or take a class. Which is why I have combined make & do. I have provided some suggestions below, or you may have your own answer to "What do I want to learn?" Simply by joining Instafun Summer Camp you are learning a new skill! So, you can check that off your summer bucket list. If you want to get creative you can jump in to one of these activities. 

Take a writing class —
From Margaret Atwood
Or locally at Women Writing for a Change

Get crafty—
Learn Shibori
Weave a Wall Hanging
Macrame a Plant Hanger
Learn Brush Lettering



Instagram Learning

This week we are going to learn how to gain followers on Instagram. Here we go—

Invest in a Curated Instagram Aesthetic + Complete Profile

If you want to get more Instagram followers, you need to pay attention to what your Instagram feed looks like. Last week, I sent you Planoly which is a great tool to use to curate your content. 

Two weeks ago we went over the steps to update your profile. So your bio, profile pic, and link should be polished and ready for action. After these steps are complete, you can move forward with efforts to gain more followers. 

Gaining Followers/Growing Your Instagram 

One way to gain followers is paying for them. (Insert scary music here.) I don't suggest this method for many reasons. First, it just feels gross. Secondly, most of the "followers" you are buying are fake accounts or bots. I don't use this method, instead I am going to show you a technique for getting real followers that will love your content. 

Go to your account and look at the number of  followers you have. Keep that number in mind so you can watch it steadily grow. Ready? Here's what you are going to do—

1. Find a brand or person that you follow, and that you think, "the people who follow her may like to follow me too. We probably have the same type of followers." Not sure who this is? Just find a brand you love. (I chose general_store in this example.)

2. Okay, click on one of their Instagram posts and click on the number of likes for that post. (I chose this peach photo as an example and clicked on the "233 likes.") 

3. This will pull up the accounts of all of the people who liked the post. Click on a person's account name. (I chose Karen Nile for this example.) 

4. Does their feed and content look like someone that will follow you? Is their content relevant to your type of content? If yes, click on one of their posts then comment and like it. (I chose Karen's bridge photo to comment on and like.) Now, Karen will get a notification that I commented on her photo. Since she doesn't know me, she will click on my profile to see my Instagram account. If she likes my content she may follow me. 

That's it. You can continue to repeat this multiple times. I usually find about 12 people per brand to choose to comment on. The idea is that when they receive a comment, they go look at your Instagram feed and hopefully like what they see and follow you back. Gaining you a real life follower that likes your content. 

You may be thinking, ugh that takes time! Yes, yes it does. But although social media is "free" cost wise, it is not free time wise. It takes time to build a real audience. This will bring you slow and steady growth with quality followers

Each week I pick a different brand. Some brands I will get a lot of responses and followers, some just responses.  It depends on how brand aligned you are with the followers you choose. So experiment with brands and accounts. 

Give this a try this week and see if your follower number of followers grows. Next week, we will learn another tactic for gaining followers. (Yes, there is more than one!)