WEEK 6 Instafun Fall Camp

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Have you camped yet this fall? Camping is one of my favorite fall activities. I am going to share the secret camp finder that I absolutely love! This tool is fantastic for finding fun places— like the she shed pictured above in Fort Wayne, IN to a room at a Seed Saver Lodge in OH. Whether you camp by tent, car, or yert—grab coffee and the french press and hit the road. Here's where to find your next camping adventure. (Or set up a campfire in your backyard and get out the s’mores!)

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I’m starting to prepare for Thanksgiving. Do you host a Friendsgiving or family dinner? If you don’t have tons of time, this is a quick way to create a stunning table. Brass candlestick holders can be mixed and matched, different shapes and sizes. Did you know that you can find these for around $2-3 at your local thrift store! Order a dark burgundy, hunter green or navy taper candle to fill them. Use a macrame or lace runner, a bundle of eucalyptus, and some pears for decor.


Have you tried Instagram stories? Stories are the videos people share on their accounts. Next week we will talk about the new IG TV, but for now let's start with how to post a story.

Start Here

  1. Open the Instagram app

  2. Tap the camera icon in the top-left corner

  3. Select the format of your content at the bottom of the screen. You can create a TYPE, LIVE, NORMAL, BOOMERANG, SUPERZOOM, REWIND, HANDS-FREE, or STOP MOTION piece of content

  4. Tap the white circle at the bottom of the screen to take a picture. Press and hold the white circleto take a video.

Note: Shoot vertically, so your content will take up as much room on the screen as possible.

Add a Hashtag

  1. Create a photo or video.

  2. Click the Aa icon in the top-right corner. You’ll see a cursor appear in the center of the screen.

  3. Adjust the size, color, and location of the cursor.

  4. Tap the # symbol first, then write a word or sentence, without spaces, and press RETURN to create a hashtag.

Add A Sticker
Stickers are images that you can pin to a photo or video. They add an extra dimension to your content, making it more interesting:

  1. Create a photo or video.

  2. Tap the folded smiley icon at the top of the screen to bring up the stickers menu.

  3. Select a sticker, pinch it to make it smaller or bigger, then move it anywhere on the screen. When it’s ready, press the sticker until you see a PIN button appear in the bottom-right corner. Tap it.

Add A Poll!
Polls are interactive stickers that allow viewers to answer binary questions. It’s a great tool for marketers who want to engage their audience while at once collecting valuable quantitative data:

  1. Create a photo or video.

  2. Tap the folded smiley icon at the top of the screen.

  3. Select POLL, which should be near the top, then type your question in the field that says, “Ask a question…” in gray. You can also change the text in the YES | NO field below.

Note: Users who participate in your poll will see the results immediately after answering the question. As the administrator, you can swipe up on the post to see who voted and how.

Viola! You created a Story
Now let’s see how it’s performing:

  1. Tap You along the top of the Home screen. This will bring up your Story.

  2. Swipe up to see a list of users that have viewed each individual post in you Story.

Note: If there’s someone on the list whom you don’t want viewing your Stories anymore, tap the X to the right of that user’s name. This will hide future photos, videos, and live videos from that person.


Check out @ohJoy! for a great example of how to use Instagram Stories.