What women are saying 

“Tess’s guidance and wisdom throughout the branding process was invaluable and wildly exceeded my expectations.

I wasn’t sure what “branding” would mean to me or my potential blog. When I sat down with Tess and the other women in the class, I quickly learned not only what branding was, but developed immediate clarity on my target audience, topics, and direction to move forward. I am so excited about my brand and love everything about it! 

I would highly recommend this class. Any time you can snag Tess for a conversation to go for it!” — Amy G., Wholehearted Brand Class


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“I have such a better understanding of personal branding vs. business branding after completing Tess Burn's Wholehearted Branding Program. 

I love my brand. I feel like I got more than what I was expecting for the cost. My expectations were high, and Tess more than delivered.” —Afton P., Wholehearted Brand Class

"As an entrepreneur who has grown a company, I have a lot of dirt under my fingernails. Having my head down, plowing my row, it was time that my new evolved self needed a facelift and some polish to reflect my new truth. Tess' process was a confirmation of my heart space. It celebrated my authentic self and birthed a visual representation of the fullness of my personality. I am so grateful for Tess, she lives in a soul space that grants her the self-awareness that she is working in an intimate hallowed ground. She honors all who have the courage and whose time has come to enter that special place." —Sara J., Wholehearted Brand Class

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"The amount of IG tips and knowledge each week, way surpassed my expectations! I have the skills to take my account and business to another exciting level. Tess also made it really fun to keep on track with enjoying summer because it goes by fast.  She shared so many links, stories, reflections, and numerous ways to enjoy the season. Thank you for a great camp experience!" —Jodi F., Instafun Summer Camp

"For years I struggled with finding my authentic voice, aesthetic, and platform. I didn't know a branding "experience" existed until I met Tess. Tess's process guided me through several exercises that resulted in a beautiful brand that magically screams my name and purpose. However, the real gift was the sisterhood experience that nudged me to anoint myself and pivot the focus of my business. I've never been more motivated to move my business forward and live my passion!" —Stacy B., Wholehearted Brand Class