Choosing Your Words Wisely


Are the words you’re using, properly representing your intention?

Recently, someone said to me, “Oh, she works for you, right?” To which I replied, I work with her.”

An amazing leader once told me, “our language defines us.” I think about that often. It’s why we use purposeful language choices like, “the Commonwealth Team.” This mindset and language helps to support our goal to be servant leaders that are invested in people. Do you work with a team, or do they work for you? We aren’t perfect—but if we can take the time to think, adjust, and grow, we become better. Think about this— do you have word choices that you intentionally use? Start by identifying one and using it consistently in your messaging and conversations. Talk the talk, and walk the walk.

Speaking of words. We sold our house! This staged scrabble game helped us get some messages across about parking, neighbors, and perks to the home. A huge thanks to Amanda, that I met in brand class, for this suggestion.