Sister Share: Afton Palmer

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Sister Share: Afton Palmer, Talent Acquisition Coordinator

Afton recently joined Pep LLC in the role of Talent Acquisition Coordinator. She volunteers with the American Marketing Association Cincinnati Chapter as the VP of Talent Management. In her work at the AMA, she helps align volunteers with the roles that suit them best while proving value to all. She also volunteers at the Life Learning Center as a Care Coordinator, Faculty (Class Instructor), and assisting with their marketing efforts. Afton is also pursuing new ideas to bring value in to people's lives. One of her life goals is to help working age individuals with their personal branding and networking skills with a foundation of mindfulness. 

Afton loves to network and connect people to others. She enjoys volunteering in roles where she can make a difference. Her background in sales, and theatre makes her a natural at genuinely connecting with others and building long lasting relationships.

Here’s just one of her many accolades, “Afton and I serve together on the Board of Directors for the Cincinnati Chapter of the American Marketing Association. I brought her in as the VP of Talent Management (Volunteers) the year I was President. I saw her spark the moment I met her. Her energy and enthusiasm for marketing and networking are boundless. She is a voracious learner, courageous and resilient in her professional development, and determined to contribute. Her persistence is impressive, and her potential is exceptional. It is a joy to watch her shine.” Gina B. —Gina 

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