Sister Share: Jessica Starr


Sister Share: Jessica Starr, Rooted Yoga

Jessica founded Rooted Yoga, and her gentle spirit guides our community. Her yoga journey began more than twenty years ago with a serious car accident left her a bit unmoored from her body. Yoga brought her back in touch physically and mentally, inspiring her to explore her practice in more depth and to bring yoga to others as a teacher. From studio settings to school programs to her role as a corporate HR director, she’s consistently folded yoga into efforts to foster health and mindful living. In 2015 Jessica launched Yogi and the Farmer, an urban farming and community wellness initiative that brought mind, body, and food together. Rooted Yoga germinated in this project has grown into a warm and uplifting community center.

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From the start, Rooted Yoga has supported social service agencies in Covington and beyond, with a mission to build on the mindfulness we pursue on the mat and to do what we can for the broader community. And so we’re happy to offer a Karma Yoga Exchange, in which yogis give back to the community in exchange for reduced-rate memberships.

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