Sister Share: Molly Reckman


Sister Share: Molly Reckman, Spruce Nail Shop

Molly Reckman, owner of Spruce Natural Nail Shop, based her business on the desire to create a calm and social atmosphere where women, men, children and expectant moms can come to relax and unwind.

Molly is originally from Cincinnati, and I had recently moved back after being away for 12 years.  She loved everything about OTR. Her family all works down in OTR as well, so she knew I wanted to live in the neighborhood when she moved back. When thinking about what business to start, she started to come across article after article about the nail salon industry: the working conditions, the way employees are treated, the chemicals, toxic environment, and sex trafficking.  She then realized that she had a huge opportunity to not only fill a void in the market in the neighborhood, but create a new type of salon environment, where clients' and employees' health and safety come first.

Molly Reckman holds a fine arts degree and emphasizes the importance of creativity in her salon, where many nail techs are also artists. Spruce uses 5free polishes, which are a safer alternative to the average nail polish brands found at most nail salons. All of their products and polishes are vegan and cruelty free.

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