Sister Share: Desh Rain


Desh Rain, Founder of Applehead City Pet 

Desh is an  entrepreneur with a passion for all things living! Creator, advocate, baker, reiki healer and groomer. Her love of organics started with the study and practice of healing with food in 1996, a practice that suited her well when she almost died from Black Mold Poisoning years later! As part of her healing, she began a strict vegan and started looking into her pets food as well. Learning the ugly truths and low FDA regulations for pet food, she started baking her own pet treats and became sort of a nerd about all things dog and cat! Nutrition, skin, behavior and more. 

Her passion was deepened with the guidance of a remarkable woman willing to train her on grooming, pet reiki, products and more... her very own "Mr. Miyagi" so to say (for those that know The Karate Kid). Years later and blessed with living out her passion, she and her fur babies couldn't ask for anything more! Check out her company, Applehead City Pet

Or you can support Desh's endeavors by attending her event— the first annual Pet Parents Night Out at Hotel Covington on August 30. Because you are just as mindful as their mission—each ticket will help benefit health care for animals in needs through the Kenton County Animal Shelter. Get your ticket at

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