Sister Share: Erikka Gray


District 78's Erikka Gray

Erikka is the owner of District 78. District 78 started as Vintage Goods & Design, selling vintage clothing online and at outdoor markets. After a fast start, District 78 opened a brick and mortar store in June of 2013.  In 2015, Erikka started producing candles as a way to express herself through scent. She wanted to bring unique scents into people’s lives that would create new memories, like scent has done for her. In 2016, she decided to close the store to focus on candle making.

Since then her candle line has taken off and she couldn’t be happier to re-launch District 78 as a lifestyle brand. Her goal is to provide product and content that adds to your daily lives.  Check out her lovely scented candles

Erikka also carries a line of custom designed T-shirts with messaging geared toward supporting women. You can get a LeadHER, CreateHER, EntrepreneuHER tee on her site. 

From Tess
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