Sister Share: Rachel DesRochers


Sister Share: Rachel DesRochers' Good People Festival on July 22

Rachel started Grateful Grahams in 2010. With one kid in school and an infant at home, she was looking to create a company to fulfill her passion and dreams of creating her own job. She spent more than seven years working in marketing for a national company, so with her knowledge in the natural foods industry she wanted to create a tasty treat all could enjoy. Between a friend’s suggestion and her dad’s veganism after battling prostate cancer, Rachel developed a great treat – handmade vegan graham crackers.

For Rachel, this company has many aspects – creating her dream job, spreading the message of gratitude, and working with small batches to ensure a great product each time. Starting at home, she outgrew her oven in just a matter of months and shared kitchen spaces with local food producers from there, learning so much along the way. In January 2013 Rachel signed a lease on her very own kitchen space.

She has built a wholesale business shipping orders all over the country, even being featured in a VegNews full page spread. With a powerful belief in herself and her vision for making Grateful Grahams a household name, Rachel balances the business and her boisterous, fun loving family of five.

Rachel's projects include the Gratitude Collective, a new class at the HIVE, Two Kitchen Incubators, Kitchen Convos Podcast—and something new is coming! She gives the best hugs, and has the positive power to take on the world. Can't wait to see what's next. For now, go support her project The Good People Festival:

Facebook Page for Good People Festival
Grateful Grahams

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