Sister Share: Gabreial Wyatt



Gabreial is a personal and virtual assistant based in Northern Kentucky. When she’s not helping her clients build their businesses and enjoy the lives they desire—she’s a summer, nature, hiking, beach loving wife and mom to three sweet children.

Gabreial has homeschooled for ten years now, and she loves to support the local community and families. She runs O.I.NK. (Ohio, Indiana and Northern Kentucky homeschool community), which has over 850 members. Gabreial administrates the group, as well as plans outings, field trips, events and coordinates with local businesses who are willing to work with the group. Prior to her homeschooling career, she loved her job as a staff assistant to 40 plus employees at a global company.

Gabreial is super excited to launch Ever Assisting. After supporting small business owners through her blog, Vintage Indie, for over ten years, she knows how dedicated they are to their businesses. She also know how busy families are these days. Ever Assisting aims to help you find the time to do what you love again. Buy back your time so that you can focus on making money, enjoying hobbies, and spending time doing what is most important to you.

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