Sister Share: Jody Fredwest


Sister Share: Jody Fredwest, Personal Trainer

Jody is a National Academy of Sports Medicine, NASM, certified personal trainer. In 2017, she completed in the Arnold’s receiving first place in her weight class for the 16kg long cycle in kettlebell. This fall she will be competing in Michigan in a 5 minute long cycle with a 20kg bell.

She believes that the mental benefits of weight lighting often exceed the aesthetic benefits. She understands how goal setting in the gym can help translate to the real world and everyday situations.

She says, “Women are told so often from society to do more cardio and not to eat carbs, and that’s bullshit. You can lift heavy weights and not look too big you can eat carbs too—strength isn't just for men!”

Jody is a mother to two boys, Luke and Logan, a dog named Scout and a foster pup named Charlie. Follow her on Instagram for future training opportunities @jodyfromthegym.

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