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THE Market

The online shop, Wife of the Chef, is getting an upgrade! I am evolving from pure vintage goods into curated products. When I'm not working on building brands, or designing websites for amazing women, you can find me relishing in all things home and hospitality. It's one of the reasons I love owning a restaurant.

What happened to Wife of the Chef?

I got super-intentional, two years ago, and made a big plan. Part of that plan involves sharing my love of good products, recipes, food and entertaining. I merged my websites, wife of the chef and, into one cohesive site where I can share all the tips and tricks that go into to creating a great story! From branding to entertaining, I find connections to story in all we do.

Goods that Feed Experiences

You have heard of storytellers, but have you heard of a story steward? Whether it’s building brands, passing down family recipes, or planning a bridal shower at the restaurant for a guest, my care goes into people’s stories. My plan is to offer goods that add to the richness of your life. Like a special cookie cutter that you use every year at the holidays, a scent that reminds you of a special someone, or a hot chocolate recipe that makes your fall hike even more relaxing. 

Why Start with Vintage?

One summer, I frequented auctions (at a feed and seed store) so often, that they let me keep my bidding number to use every week. From my childhood days of reading old LOOK magazines circa 1950 on the grassy hill of our property on Lake Corinth, KY—to finding the perfect era and theme appropriate dress to wear to a 1960’s Polynesian Supper Club—vintage has been a part of my story. Selling vintage was something I always wanted to do and it seemed like a natural place to start.

I love mixing vintage and modern, so you will still find vintage inspired goods, and the occasional one-of-a-kind piece here online. 

I am busy building partnerships with makers and designing products. The market will be online this fall. Until then, hop over to sign up for my mailing list, and I will send you my soft batch style chocolate chip cookie recipe.