Do you feel like your life is flying by you and that you aren’t moving with it? A Clarity Sesh offers a way to turn things around in your life. We will find clarity and awareness by letting go of the energy that is no longer working for you and valuing fully what you bring to the table. 


This is your year. You don't have to wait until New Year’s Eve to make plans for change. Start today! We will take a look at your professional and personal goals to get a clear plan about what you want and build the action steps to move toward it. Leap in one year, making big strides toward dreams you never thought were possible, or goals that steer your life in a new direction!


Join me for a quarterly mastermind supper club experience at Commonwealth Bistro. Chef Chris Burns will prepare a seasonal tasting menu of 3 courses with wine pairings. A mastermind is a concept coined by author and thought-leader Napoleon Hill, and are focused and facilitated groups of people working towards and supporting each other’s success. That’s my mission—to help women have freedom, joy and success. Participate in deep conversations around business/personal growth and challenges. Gain breakthrough insights by sharing in the collective wisdom of the whole group. Something magical happens when we share ideas in a group of women who are up to big things.



Do You want to meet to talk about coaching? 

I would love to meet for coffee to hear your goals. Free 30-minute consultations are available below. Let's chat!