Increase Your Likelihood of a Getting in a Workout


Ten Tips for Workouts

I’m one of those people that operates best with an organized life. Two years ago Chris and I made the word “ease” our family mantra. For us, that meant changing some ways we were functioning and putting some systems in place. I now look at parts of my life with an eye for ease.

One of my favorite ways this entered my life was with workouts. I love working out, it is the mental self-care I need to empty my mind and be kind to my body. I feel stronger, calmer, happier and less sore. That being said, I don’t always FEEL like working out. Getting there can sometimes be a battle. Here are ways that helped me break down any barriers and create ease for getting my body moving.

1.) I have enough workout clothes for 5 days. I roll my tights, sports bra, and tank— then secure them with the headband I will wear. I then tuck in a pair of sports socks. I roll five of these at the beginning of the week. This makes easy bundles and every night I throw one into my bag.

2.) I keep one pair of tennis shoes in my car trunk. If I forget my shoes at home, I always have a backup.

3.) If I don't feel like going I think “what if you just drive to the parking lot, and we will see what happens?” You know what happens? Every time I go in, even if it’s just for 20 minutes on the elliptical.

4.) If I don’t want to go to the gym, I think "is there an activity I would like to do instead?” I may feel like a run, SUP, or even cleaning out closets or doing a project.

5.) I bought a key ring that is detachable so I can take my car key off my key ring. This makes it much easier to carry at the gym or run with.

6.) I write the combination to my locker with a fine point sharpie in the tongue of my tennis shoes. After a hard workout it’s like my brain can’t remember the combo. 

7.) I remind myself, “be kind to yourself.” Which to me means, take care of your body and get moving. Also, be kind about listening to your body if it needs a day off. Don’t beat yourself up mentally.

8.) If I don’t go to the gym, I substitute stretching or a yoga video on my off day. 

9.) I switch it up with a new workout or class if I'm not motivated. Try getting outdoors with Fuel for the Sole, or going to a cycling class. Or try a free online workout from Popsugar or Fitness Blender

10.) I keep a cube in my vehicle that contains outdoor items for adventures. Sometimes it comes in handy if I want to fit in a quick workout somewhere. I keep earbuds, an extra pair of sports socks, resistance bands, a sweatshirt, an empty water bottle and a yoga mat. 

I hope you find these tips helpful. Remember, change doesn't happen overnight. Changing habits and routine can take some time. Be kind to yourself.