What if fun and self-care were required homework? Join Insta Fun Fall Camp for a one-of-a kind fall experience. Beginner to Intermediate Instagram lessons are built in to each week.

Don't care about the Instagram part? You can totally skip it, and just use this full camp experience to ramp up joy in your life. We all need to laugh more, get outside, create things, and have fun! Early bird special is on the site until September 1.

You have heard of storytellers, but have you heard of a story steward? Whether it’s building brands, scouting vintage, or passing down family recipes, my care goes into people’s stories. I am honored to witness stories and assist in helping to uncover them—unlocking the power of authenticity. Join my course to uncover your personal or business brand, and walk out with a beautifully packaged design. Limited to 6 seats for the fall session.