Do you feel like your life is flying by and you aren’t moving with it?

Do you compare yourself to others who you perceive are further along the journey— which leaves you feeling bad about yourself? As a recovering perfectionist, I totally get it. I was feeling stressed, stuck, and exhausted. Want to get unstuck and crystal clear on what it is you desire and how to get it? A Clarity Sesh offers a way to turn things around in your life. We will find clarity and awareness for by letting go of the energy that is no longer working for you and valuing fully what you bring to the table. 

What to expect—

  • A worksheet that you will be asked to fill out pre-sesh, which will get you thinking and will help us make the most of our time together
  • An all-about-you jam session where I listen intently to help you sift and uncover what you really want
  • A 75-minute, on-one-on, deep dive into your story, passions, and goals
  • Tools and techniques to get clear on what you want
  • Inspiration to take action—even with fear, I’ll teach you how to do it anyway
  • A clear plan with action steps to move you forward toward your dreams
  • A followup email from our sesh with notes, and a colorful, easy-to-follow custom designed goal sheet you can post in your home or office
  • A check-in email, one month later to celebrate successes and unblock any obstacles that may appear

This $300 investment will give you clear direction to run toward your goals!