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I partnered with, Dr. Angie Taylor from Taylor Career Strategies, to create a free women's networking event. We designed this event to happen each quarter. The premise is simple, we offer free coffee, free plays on the vintage jukebox, and space to network with other women. The event is totally free (including free street parking!) We are in year two, and the crowd keeps getting more energetic! Join the Tribe to learn about the next Morning "Happy" Hour date. 


Twelve Women Project

As part of my 2018 goals, I set the intention to meet twelve new women. I simply invited them to coffee via email. No hidden agenda or sales pitch here. I just wanted to expand my network; and hear about what women are doing. I have 2 spots left for 2018 if you want to join me, reach out. Be sure to put "12 Women" in the subject line.