Up Your Instagram Skills

Get ready to experience summer in a whole new way. One year, I was working so much that at the end of summer I realized I hadn't even taken a dip in the pool or a trip to the local dairy whip! Sound familiar? 

Let’s create a summer that you won’t forget!

Join Insta Fun Summer Camp to try new experiences and enjoy some summer classics. By the end of summer, you’ll be relishing in memories, new experiences, and all that Vitamin D.


EASY & convenient

I know you're busy working and reaching goals, so I have designed Insta Fun Summer Camp to be completely online, conveniently arriving in your inbox! You’ll receive easy-to-implement experiences and step-by-step instructions to push your life into high gear fun!

Learning outcomeS hidden in Fun!

Remember summer camp? Not only did you have a blast, but you also learned new things. So I’ve infused all this fun with a learning experience. If you follow the easy-to-understand Instagram prompts, that I include with each week’s email, you will have a class in Instagram completed by the end of the summer. You will be so busy having fun that all that learning will seem like a breeze! 


Your instagram feed will be brimming with vivid summer experiences! $59 gets you the whole kit and caboodle, straight to your inbox. 

Camp starts July 9. Register for camp by the end of June to get the Early Bird Special $49

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You Will Get

  • Weekly emails that include creative activities that are easy to implement
  • Resources and links to all the supplies and info you will need
  • Use our special Instagram hashtag to share your experience and follow others 
  • Easy Instagram exercises that will help you develop social media skills
  • Prompts that will challenge you to take the time to relish summer activities
  • 10 weeks of summer fun!